THE PLAN #1 Let's build an online business 💰 11 months ago

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NEW SERIES! We're... building... an... ONLINE BUSINESS! Prepare for 105%-crash-and-burn total failure. It'll be FUN and we'll LEARN a lot! Expect:
📊 Business model
💰 Sales
⌨️ Code
🛡 Testing
⏏️ Deployment
🗺 Marketing
💯 Failure
❌ Minimal chance of Success. 🤗

But who cares!! We'll learn a lot from this!

In this episode, David discusses the AFFILIATE MODEL and sets up a rough PLAN. He also sketches out the idea of the site and draws a wireframe in Sketch.

First though, as all "startups", we need a NAME. Write your domain suggestion in the comments. Requirements:
☑️ Name
☑️ Available .com

Let's get to it!